5 tips to develop a reading culture in your child

Are you a parent wondering how to grow a reading culture in your child? Well, children easily grasp what they see in the environment they are in. For instance, if they see their parents read the Bible or any other books, they are likely to be interested too.

Creating a reading culture takes deliberate effort from parents as it requires availing the reading materials and making it a fun exercise to do for the children.

Reading the Bible can be made even more interesting as there are different Bibles for different age groups. Bible Society of Kenya has a Bible that every child can read beginning with Bible stories for toddlers which contain exciting illustrations that a child can grasp with the help of an adult. As the child continues to grow they will find age-appropriate Bibles which will lead them to read a complete Bible independently.

Here are 5 tips that you can use to help your child enjoy reading the Bible

1. Set a routine 

Have a consistent time for reading the Bible to create excitement. This will enable the children to look forward to Bible reading time and they are likely to learn and grasp a lot during the session.

2.Exposure to variety

Provide a variety of Bibles for the children to read. This will help them want to explore more from different Bibles.

3.Make reading enjoyable 

Make Bible reading time enjoyable through illustrations and board games. These games make the children engaged, and they can easily relate to the lessons from the games. 

4.Set an example 

Children emulate what they see. Have a habit of reading so that your child can emulate. You can also read for them stories aloud before they go to bed or in the morning.

5.Keep books in their reach 

Make Bibles available for children to read whenever they need to. These Bibles are available at https://shop.biblesociety-kenya.org/product-category/childrens-bibles/

Have a fruitful year ahead!

This post was published on Thursday 7 January 2021