Bible Society of Kenya to launch the 1st Lusamia Bible in Funyula, Busia County

Bible Society of Kenya is set to launch the first Lusamia Bible on 29th June 2019 at Funyula Stadium in Busia County from 9:00 am.

The Bible is written in Lusamia language and is specially dedicated to the Samia language speakers who are part of the larger Luhya community and reside in Busia County in Kenya and South-Eastern Uganda.

The community first received their first Bible portion in 2009 and a New Testament in August 2011. The complete Bible has taken18 years to translate and it has two editions; the catholic edition and the protestant version.

The translation of the Bible was done in consultation with key Samia religious leaders from both Uganda and Kenya who were also vastly involved in the translation process.

This marks another great achievement for Bible Society of Kenya and a further fulfilment of the Society’s mission – to make available the Holy Scriptures in affordable and innovative formats for holistic transformation of people’s lives.

This will be the 21st new Bible Translation done by Bible Society of Kenya since 1891 when the first Bible translation written in Swahili was done by British and Foreign Bible Societies.

This post was published on Monday 17 June 2019