Bible Society of Kenya to Partner with Kenya Defence Forces

Bible Society of Kenya today met the Kenya Defence Forces Commanders and Board of the Defence Forces at the Kenya National Defence College in Karen, Nairobi.

The meeting was part of the Society’s stakeholder engagement function aimed at establishing a partnership with the Kenya Armed Forces for various community- oriented programmes.

Speaking during the breakfast meeting which was held at the Kenya Defence College in Karen Area, Nairobi, Vice Chief of the Defence Forces LT Gen Robert Kibochi, said that they are grateful to the Bible Society of Kenya for their proposal to partner with the Kenya Defence forces.

‘We look forward to a future partnership with Bible Society of Kenya especially with their community oriented and Trauma counselling programs. The trauma therapy and counselling will be of great help and inspiration to our men and women who protect our national sovereignty by securing our borders by serving in the military; many of whom risk their lives in battlefronts.

Dr. Timothy Kiruhi, Chairman of the Bible Society of Kenya said that the Society is embarking on a strategic future partnership with the armed forces to support the military.

‘We have a number of community – oriented initiatives such as Trauma Healing Programme, Tackling Alcoholism and drug-misuse amongst others that are focused on empowering communities as well as civil servants. Our view is that this partnership will be key to inspiring our servicemen and women serving in all the aspects of the military force. We want to be part of the support mechanism to the defence forces. ’ He asserted.

According to a recent study research done by the Military Medical Research, USA 2018, large numbers of military veterans experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) that includes anxiety, flashbacks, and emotional numbing. The symptoms increase health care costs for stress-related illnesses and can make the veteran’s life difficult or even leads to alcohol and drug abuse, hence Trauma Healing counselling is important.

Bible Society of Kenya will offer the counselling service for free as it has done in various institutions including the statehouse servants, prisoners, urban youth etc.

This post was published on Friday 26 April 2019