5 tips of effective parenting by Bible Society of Kenya

How has your parenting experience been? Has it been smooth sailing, or one filled with challenges? The parenting journey is one of learning every day as children are different in temperament and the way they view the world around them. 

Here are some tips on how to parent effectively

Be a good role model

Young children learn a lot about how to act by watching their parents. The younger they are the more cues they get from you. Intentionally model the traits you wish to see in your kids: respect, friendliness, honesty, kindness, tolerance. Exhibit unselfish behaviour. Express thanks and offer compliments. Help your children learn to treat others the way they wish to be treated.

Show unconditional love

Parents are responsible for correcting and guiding their children. However, how you execute the correction makes all the difference in how it will be received. For instance, when you correct your child avoid blaming, criticizing, or finding fault as it may lead to resentment. Instead strive to encourage and help them understand that although you expect better behaviour next time, your love is unconditional, and they have a safe place in you to express themselves.

Communicate effectively

Strive to communicate clearly with your children. When you give them a task, ensure you have clearly stated your expected outcomes. Be open to your child’s suggestions as well. Children who participate in decisions are more motivated to carry them out.

Assign duties

Children operate better in a schedule. For instance, currently, children are spending more time at home due to the COVID pandemic. Instead of them watching television the whole day and wait for someone else to do for them everything, assign duties so that each person takes responsibility for their tasks. This will help them learn teamwork skills and accountability.

Have fun

Find time to have fun with your family. God has given us life to enjoy. Each day presents us with a choice to enjoy life despite life challenges. Create a fun environment for your children to know that life is to be enjoyed. They will always look forward to being home as it is a fun environment to be in.

Above all help your children to know that one day they will become adults and they will need to be responsible for their actions in life. Explain to them that decisions have consequences and what that means to them. Help them to work hard and to trust in God who will guide them through the journey of life.

This post was published on Monday 3 August 2020