Finding God’s will for my life

Have you ever been on a spree of searching for something? I feel you nodding affirmatively. It’s a tiring and boring activity, right? It is not a darling to many. Do we have people who find pleasure in this? If any then that is strange. This is quite something especially when one is desperate for the thing they are looking for. Evidence that this is never a nice thing to do, is normally characterized by rummaging things at the place where the things might be. The chaos most of the time is demonstrated by leaving things in disarray, that will need some calories again to rejig. So bad.

Grab your camera, make sure you have enough film, put on your learning cap, dare not to forget your binoculars to help you get a closer look, and hop on board. Let us set it rolling. Let us tour the bible. What came to your mind the very moment you read this topic?. Which characters in the bible resurfaced as pertinent? There are myriad examples in the Holy Scriptures to elucidate this. Let us sample some. 

Time and space may fail us terribly to detail in every single one. How I hope the selected one will be satiable. Do not stone me to death if I do not hit the notes. Should this you be discontent to you, I will gladly know I have invoked you to have a keen look at this at your own time to glean more sheaves than I will probably do herein. Do not look at me with those doubtful eyes, please put them off. I will deliver. I just need to spur you into delving into it and have more catch because am convinced within my spirit the topic is very crucial.

Luke 2:49 “why were you searching for me? “He asked. “Didn’t you know I had to be in my father’s house?” Are you familiar with these wordings? I do not worry, I got you. These are the very words of our Lord Jesus Christ. Customarily, his parents used to go to Jerusalem for a Passover feast, this was the context and Jesus was only twelve at this juncture. .After the eventful day, as they were en routing home, Jesus with clarity of mind, without any traces of disobedience remain behind in Jerusalem and they searched him. 

Oops! Let me not digress, my point here is, Jesus at twelve knew His father’s will! That is interesting, right?. If you think it is something else opposed to what am saying, how old were you when you knew God’s will over your life? Hands up. You see you are mumbling. Now the biggest question here is, how do we find God’s will in our life? You will be kidding me if you think I will flash a one-word answer to this!

Gen 12:1-3. Please I request your indulgence. Let us give a hard look at the aforementioned scriptures before we move. Verse 4 says in NIV so Abram left………I have intentionally chosen to stop there. My underscore here is, the context is the call of Abram who had no close grip of who God was before. He responded to a God he knew very little about by uttermost obedience. This is what we call unquestionable obedience. 

Wait a minute! We all know how God used Abram thereafter exceedingly, does it mean obedience which is a main ingredient of faith plays a significant role in our journey to find God’s will in our life?. Therefore, this means faith which is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we don’t see as chronicled in Hebrews 11:1 has a lot to do with us knowing what God wants us to do.

Philippians 3:8 what is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I considered them rubbish that I may gain Christ.

Like a bible, readers I do not have to strain to convince you these are the words of Apostle Paul. As vivid as it is clear, humility has taken a toll on him. In this instance even after saying things he was entitled to brag with them as the earlier verses have aptly mentioned. He chooses humility. Humility is another content that gives us clarity of what God has for us. Paul, a man of grit, with the firmness of mind and spirit unyielding courage in the face of personal hardship and danger. 

Tough and tenacious and fiercely relentless. Paul, out of humility pursued his divine mission with unflinching resolve. God uses Him mightily to turn the world upside down for Christ in his generation. God’s superabounding grace transformed a once-violent aggressor into a humble but powerful spokesperson of Christ. He humbly found God’s will.  

Joseph Ngugi -ABLI mentee

This post was published on Friday 9 April 2021