Hannah honours God

The author of the first book of Samuel begins this Hannah narrative by introducing Elkanah, an Ephraimite who had two wives, Hannah and Peninnah. The latter had children, but the former had none.

In her state of barrenness and distressed by the taunting of her rival, Peninah, Hannah turned to God in prayer. Hannah’s prayer model was a game changer.  She was so desperate to be called a mother that she struck a deal with the Creator and it bore forth fruits later when baby Samuel announced his much anticipated entry on planet earth. The boy Samuel grew to become a model of integrity, leadership, and a prophetic voice in the nation of Israel.

Points of Reflection

1. Roll over our burdens to the Lord

Sometimes we are faced with challenges that are beyond us. It is easy to panic or try to solve the issues by ourselves. The story of Hannah reminds us to take our burdens to the Lord for He cares for us.

2. Honor our vows

Hannah made a vow that she will give her child to God and she did. His son found favor with the Lord throughout his life. 

3. Waiting in Patience

Hannah made her request to God and waited patiently for His timing. When we leave our trials in God’s hands, He gives us peace and an assurance that everything will be okay and that He is in control.


Hannah made a solemn promise: “Almighty LORD, look at me, your servant! See my trouble and remember me! Do not forget me! If you give me a son, I promise that I will dedicate him to you for his whole life and that he will never have his hair cut.” I asked him for this child, and he gave me what I asked for. So I am dedicating him to the LORD. As long as he lives, he will belong to the LORD.” 1st Samuel 1:11-24.


Father, we are grateful that you are faithful and sovereign. We appreciate the fact that you are a promise keeper, and you are never too late to fulfil your promises. Help us to depend on you fully and not our knowledge. Amen

This post was published on Friday 26 February 2021