What is identity? According to Wikipedia, Identity is the qualities, beliefs, personality traits, appearance, and/or expressions that characterize a person or group.

As simple as the description may seem, many people struggle with knowing their identity. Often, people think that their identity is defined by what they have rather than who or whose they are.

The only way to define your identity is by going back to your manufacturer. Only a potter can tell the pot what it is. If the potter calls a pot-shaped figure a jug or cup, then it becomes so. Aligning with our Creator, God will help us to have clarity. Scriptures are one way God communicates to us, so why not dive into them?

First, we are all created by God. Genesis 1:27 (GNB)says, “So, God created human beings, making them be like himself. He created them male and female.’’ Never doubt where you came from, you did not evolve. Secondly, God chose to create you, it was His idea. Jeremiah can attest to this (Jeremiah 1:5-CEV). Thirdly, even after the fall, God still wanted us to have His identity as his Children. John 1:12 assures us of this provided we believe in Jesus Christ.

Where do we miss the point? Could it be that there are many voices around us that convince us otherwise? In the world we are in, there are so many sources we receive information from. Our minds are also meant to decode information. Without filters and conscious choice on what to consume, confusion and uncertainty are bound to happen. The of God’s word cleanses in every literal sense. Read the word, Eat the word, listen to the word, and believe the word. The word will help you say ‘’I am…’’

This post was published on Wednesday 9 March 2022