3 Lessons from the life of Sarah

Sarah was the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac. Her original name was “Sarai.” According to Genesis 17:15, God changed her name to Sarah as part of a covenant with Yahweh after Hagar bore Abraham a son named Ishmael.

The life of Sarah is filled with lessons that we can apply in our lives today. Despite the mistakes Sarah made, God used her to accomplish His purposes in her generation.

Nothing is hard for God

According to human timing, Abraham and Sarah were too old to get a child. God however promised them that they will get a child in their old age and He fulfilled this promise. I will bless her, and moreover, I will give you a son by her. I will bless her, and she shall become nations; kings of peoples shall come from her.” Genesis 17:16(ESV)

Waiting on God pays

Sarah waited for a child for so long and this seemed like it was taking too long. When Sarah offered Hagar her slave girl to sleep with her husband, she had given up on ever getting a child hence was trying to offer a solution. This resulted in contempt and mistreatment of her mistress and a strain on her relationship with Abraham. What if she just waited for God’s timing? May God help us to wait on Him because He is always at work.

Sometimes you must give up things to progress

Sarah was living in Ur. She most likely had invested in friends, family, a nice house, and many more things. When God brought Abraham to her life, she had to give up everything to move with Abraham to the land God had promised. This must have been difficult for Sarah, but she obeyed by following her husband. She chose to follow God and not her stuff. She remains a great example we can learn from on trusting in God.


Father help us to trust and wait for your timing even when the wait seems long. Thank you because you are always at work in our lives and your promises are sure. Amen

This post was published on Thursday 9 September 2021