One heart , One mind, One people

“Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.”

1 Peter 3:8, NIV

In our modern world, we continue witnessing divisions caused by the desire for power, position, and prejudice, Peter has a clarion call to the people of God; He calls us for the unity of thoughts and actions to one another enjoined in the Lordship of Christ. This unanimity requires expression to be conscious and intentional in knowing of its centrality to the faith unto which we are called in Christ.

At the heart of the African community is the ability to embrace others in the “Ubuntu” against our preferences and willingly demonstrate our faith through compassion and consoling others in midst of political, economic and cultural drifts that are increasingly deepening suffering to the human race in our fragile world. Rather than seek observation of unity and practice of love and compassion as an exclusive role to few, Peter calls every one of us and most often women, youth and children must be at the forefront of advocation for unity within the church and country. This practice doesn’t just happen; we must be deliberate, conscious and prayerfully and being aware of our differences.

In our times, we continue to witness suffering due to corruption which seems to have divided the spiritual leaders, hard economic times, negative ethnicity and are often blinded by our religious affiliation and political identity and blood of ethnicity which unfortunate has often been more strong than the very water of Baptism that we share as believers. In the midst of these, Peter offers a moral compass, nothing is impossible for people who are of the same mind and are united to show love and compassion to a broken world.

By Saruni Lemargeroi- BSK Life Member and a Mandela Washington Fellow 2019

This post was published on Tuesday 15 October 2019