Reflections on Fatherhood

One thing that God did and was pleased with, is that he created Adam and Eve. He empowered them to dominate his creation and replenish it. this was a powerful assignment for Adam as the head of the first family. Genesis 1:27-31.

The good Lord walks in orderliness but the temptation in the garden of Eden corrupted Adam and he failed in his responsibilities. The consequence of this was a life of suffering until the Lord Jesus came to restore God’s plan in man.

Fathers should enjoy the delegated Devine assignment Just like the fathers of faith did. Abraham determined the spiritual direction for his family to live a Godly life and speak what will be good to themselves and others too. Genesis 18:19.

When a father is right with God he should bless his children as Isaac did. Genesis 27:26-28, from his prayer Jacob became the nation Israel, as a father, you should speak the future of your child.

Manoah’s prayer was the future of his son who was yet to be born and it was revealed that his son would judge Israel. Judges: 13:8. God’s promises move with power and Manoah took advantage of his relationship with his maker.

David prayed to charge his son to take heed of the Lord’s commandments to retain his favor in the family.

The examples of these four fathers are typical to us today, they simply trusted in the Lord and believed that God can do that which you have committed to do for your family. Fathers have this rare opportunity to influence the direction in your family for your good and the good of others. 

You were chosen of the lord to do his will.

Happy Father’s Day!

Rev.Kistos Khisa

This post was published on Sunday 20 June 2021