Sharing true love

As human beings, there is one thing we can never run away from in this world – relationships. You might not be related or directly involved with many people but the fact that you are in the same location makes you connected to them. The difference between those close to you and strangers is the information you willingly share.

If there is one person perfect in handling people, it is Jesus. He knew how to deal with and love both who loved and hated Him. He is our standard on how we should live our daily lives. He summed up the whole Bible to one commandment which is Love. The Scripture even shows us how loving truly is possible as love covers a multitude of sins.

In all forms of relationships, we should strive to be understanding and reliable to each other, reflecting God’s character in all situations. At the end of the day, our greatest purpose is to reflect the light of God to the world.

Please, Thank You, forgive me, I am sorry are simple statements, that most of us were taught when young, that hold up marriages, friendships, and other relationships. It is said that relationships are held on trust. Trust is built through communication. God demonstrates this best as he speaks to us regularly through Scripture, messengers, and even directly.


Father help us to be loving and kind to each other as we relate with each other daily. Thank you for demonstrating true love for us by sending your son to die for us. Help us to depend on you in everything that we do. Amen.

This post was published on Wednesday 23 March 2022