Teaching children the meaning of Christmas

Christmas is here with us! We are all familiar with this word ‘Christmas’. This word has been with us for over a decade. Christmas is marked by celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Children look forward to this day because various activities symbolize joy and fun. Along with these activities, there are gifts involved.

In as much as Christmas is marked with festivities, we should help children understand the real meaning of Christmas. If Children only associate Christmas with the fun and not the main objective, we will have failed as parents. If all the fun and activities involved were not there, this means Christmas will not be at least for the children whose goal and understanding is to enjoy the latter.

So, where do we start?

The best place to begin is teaching children the real meaning of Christmas by talking to them about what occurred over two thousand years ago. Emphasize the truth that we celebrate the holidays in honour of the birth of Jesus Christ. Take time and go through the Bible by teaching your children about the birth of Jesus Christ. Build the story step by step so that your child will have a clear understanding, from the angel appearing to Mary and Joseph, to the supernatural conception, to Mary’s visit with her cousin Elizabeth who was pregnant with John the Baptist, to the trip to Bethlehem.

An important point to stress is the purpose of Christ being born. It was not just about the birth but why was He born. Jesus Came to save mankind from sin, death and Satan’s control. This has to be clear to the child. As a parent, you will have to start from the beginning of Adam and Eve and how they got lost. Build up from there and stress on ho the human race was subjected to sin because of our first parents. This then will help the child place value not only on Christmas day but also on the person of Jesus Christ.

Let’s not just celebrate Christmas in a worldly way, let’s celebrate it right by putting value on the purpose of His coming. That is, He saved us! we wish you a Merry Christmas


This post was published on Monday 21 December 2020