5 Parenting tips in uncertain times

Parenting is one of the most rewarding jobs one will ever have. This is because a parent is viewed as a steward to children who belong to God. This task demands self-sacrifices as well as divine wisdom, understanding, and continuous engagement in prayer.

The fact that children are staying at home for an extended time calls for much patience and new approaches in doing things. One of many approaches is the introduction of online learning in order to keep children engaged while at home. Frustrating enough to the parents, most of the children are complaining that they are bored, some are disengaged, and some have refused to join the class sessions altogether. Some are just interested in watching the television the whole day, eat, sleep, and chat on their phones.

These issues bundled together and the fact that some parents have lost their sources of income is quite a chunk to chew and swallow comfortably. This situation requires a major adjustment for any parent in order to cope. But the thorny question is how does a parent exactly cope with this situation? 

Here are some healthy tips to help parents cope:-

  1. Pray – Through prayer, we release the tension that is in our hearts to God. Prayer helps us to overcome the fears and doubts we have in our lives and get peace in return. Always find time to pray for yourself and your children and ask God for wisdom to handle this situation.  
  2. Create a schedule and assign duties to family members – This way everyone will know what time to do a specific duty which in turn helps to minimize conflicts thus promoting peace and harmony within the home. 
  3. Involve your children in decision making by talking with them – Ask your children’s opinions on family matters including what concerns them. Borrow their ideas and apply them, and gently explain why some may not be appropriate. You will be surprised at their input and this may solve the withdrawals and sulking that parents experience with their children many times.
  4. Plan the future together – Plan for something positive away from the current situation. This will help to keep worry at bay because you have something that you are focused on e.g. college education, the next birthday celebration, building a home, etc. People are happier when they are looking forward to achieving something. 
  5. When feeling helpless, try to be calm and take a deep breath
  6. Build an open relationship with your children so that you can easily explain to them when circumstances change and they will understand.
  7. Seek professional help – When completely overwhelmed, seek help from close friends or therapists. You may be surprised that the situation you are facing is not unique to you. In the process you will get new ideas you had not thought of that will help you. Above all trust in God and do not rely on your understanding.
This post was published on Monday 20 July 2020
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