A Bible for the African Woman

“A woman’s place is in the kitchen.” Does this sound familiar? My fellow African women are nodding their heads in agreement. We can truly celebrate today as we mark the African Woman’s involvement from the old dark age of illiteracy and dependency to the position of influence and capacity to challenge the very basis of existence and our specific roles in Society.

Women have become experts in challenging themselves in all spheres of life. It is in this same spirit that women in the African Bible Societies have labored to have a Bible specially tailored to meet the needs of the African woman. So, are you a lady looking at deepening your relationship with God through His word? What a better way to do this than to pick your copy, relax, peruse and explore the wealth of wisdom and diversity of experiences as you interact with a Bible that relates to your life’s challenges and successes as an authentic African woman. 

I know your next question! What is so special about this Bible? The African Women Devotional Bible is rich in content and appeal. It comes with diverse colors to choose from further affirming a woman’s femineity. Written by 286 women drawn from 26 African countries, it is an amazing Scripture resource that addresses circumstances and answers questions that African Christian Women face in their daily endeavors.

The contributors identify and explore the implications of how women are portrayed in biblical texts, with a keen interest in gender roles, sexuality, political power, and family life. This approach helps the reader to further apply the Biblical model in their relevant situation and also exposes her to new contextual understandings.

The uses are diverse. It is a Bible for individual devotional reading, equipping, and training church and women leaders in addressing issues women face whether in urban or in rural areas or those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This Bible contains various helpful features such as the 365 Daily Devotions; 52 Thematic articles addressing real-life issues women face in everyday life in Africa; Detailed introductions to all books of the Bible; A highlight of verses with the Women in the Bible giving a short description of each one of them; and a Bible Reading plan.

Since its launch in August 2021, the African Women Devotional Bible has reached the hands of several women, impacting their lives in ways indescribable as highlighted below.

The African Women Devotional Bible is a great resource for Women. There is a message for every day that makes it easy to interact with the Word of God. The lessons and stories of Women are inspiring. They help me to study different women in Bible. In my ministry with women, we study character by character as the story of an individual woman is brought together in one page. This includes even the faceless and the nameless women – the Shunamite, women with the issue of blood, etc. Jane

Let us chat articles have been of great help in the study of the different issues that affect women. There is great information on how to handle the issues that affect women and what the Bible says about them – abortion, adultery, etc. The Bible covers are attractive and are a wide range that different women can choose from. Mine is PU reddish cover which I have used to promote the Bible to other women. I recommend the Bible to all women! Doreen

To order a copy of the African Women Devotional Bible visit www.biblesociety-kenya.org

This post was published on Monday 29 November 2021