Feature of the week

Feature of the week
This week in our weekly feature,we highlight about Annie Marie Vallotton, a Swiss artist and storyteller who is behind the illustrations on the Good News Bible.
Vallotton managed to portray emotion without using facial features on her characters in this version of the Bible. According to HarperCollins, Annie is credited as the best-selling artist of all time, thanks to the Good News Bible massive worldwide sale of over 225 Million copies.
Most of us used this Bible in schools for Christian Religious Education ,remember?

Annie was born in 1915 in Lausanne, Switzerland.
She dedicated her life to finding ways to share the Bible’s message in a clear, simple way. She died in 2013 in France at the age of 98 years.

The Good News Bible is distributed locally by Bible Society of Kenya and is recommended for primary schools’ use by the Ministry of education.

Currently, the Bible retails at Kshs.812

Well,now you know.

This post was published on Wednesday 15 January 2020