This Man Moses

The Biblical Moses is synonymous with Sunday School teachings, Christian movies and graphical Bible stories for the pre-schoolers. He was the most humble and significant leader that was greatly used of God to deliver the children of Israel from the cruel and ruthless oppressive hand of Pharaoh. What can we draw from the richness of this great Patriarch?

1.         Be in God’s Perfect will

Many times, we think we can do things our way. Often, we are entangled with the busyness of life and forget what God is doing in the seasons of our lives. God is in the business of drawing people to himself. Yours is to allow Him to lead your paths. We can never miss out when We are In His will. His will is perfect, pleasing, and good. (Romans 12:2)

2.         Cultivate a Personal Relationship with God

God desires that we have a personal relationship with Him. Moses had an intimate relationship with God and God would speak to him directly, a rare privilege it was for other prophets. And there has not arisen a prophet since in Israel like Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face. Deuteronomy 34:10(ESV). 

3.         God Uses the Weak

When we look closely at the Bible, God used many people who felt unworthy. He used Moses who had an issue with his speech. He used apostle Paul, formerly a persecutor of Christians to preach the very gospel that he was against. God is not limited to what or who He can use, you only need to be available.

4.         Keep the Faith, Stay focused

As believers, we are ambassadors of Christ. When Moses led the Israelites, they would often complain and murmur about their situation. Amazingly Moses remained focused, loyal, and faithful to God in the entire journey in the wilderness for 40 years. Will you choose to remain focused despite the destructions that life will throw your way?


Father thank you because you are always ready to use us. We desire to partner with you because we know that you have made us vessels of honor in your kingdom. May you lead us in the path we should follow even as we depend on you. Amen

This post was published on Thursday 27 May 2021