Thriving in disruption

Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear him,on those who hope in his steadfast love. Psalm 33:18

Harriet Tubman is a renowned black American antislavery activist and abolitionist. Before and after the American Civil War, she faced cruelty and extreme suffering but courageously to help flee slaves from their masters who wanted to sell them. A Moses of her people. She did not lose even one passenger in the many journeys she made to rescue the enslaved people. It was a redemptive mission, one of hope and great faith.

We are in such a kind of season. A tough rough period in history. So much has happened that has endangered our lives, our loved ones, our jobs, everything. The question is: Can we thrive in this disruption?

After the exile, the Israelites got into a task. Rebuilding the temple of Jerusalem. The laying of the foundation came with much opposition as it was in the building of the rest of the building. At some point, the work stood still because accusations were floated to the kings in the time against the rebuilding process. However, the plans were not frustrated for long. The exiles set out to rebuild the temple yet again as they waited for the verdict of King Darius. Where was God? He was watching over his people. 

But the eye of their God was on the elders of the Jews, and they did not stop them until the report should reach Darius, and then an answer is returned by letter concerning it. Ezra 5:5

This word records truths that we can mull over and walk in them flourishing during the season:

  • In times of distress, God never forsakes His people. His eyes are on them to cover and to protect them.
  • We can thrive in disruption because God’s plans for His People cannot be thwarted by anything or anybody. What an assurance! The opposers of the exiles did not stop them.

During this season, whatever state you are in, ponder on such assurances from God’s Word. How pleasant it is that we can wholly rely on His Covering and still excel even in worst-case scenarios. The Israelites did not waver from thriving in rebuilding God’s House. We too must not relent flourishing amidst any uncertainties of life. Even now. Our faith will carry us through.

This post was published on Tuesday 26 May 2020