Your Voice Matters

Did you know that your citizenship in a country is not only legal but also divine? There is a reason why you are in Kenya and not any other nation. We may complain about bad governance, failed systems, and the high cost of living but without any action our talk is empty. 

Voting is one of the best ways to be involved in decision-making. We are in an electioneering year which gives you a perfect opportunity to let your voice be heard and choose leaders who will represent and work for you well. Do not choose a leader based on political party affiliation, promises, or tribe. Let your voice be heard clearly. Your voice matters.

We might be unmotivated about acting toward a better future for our nation or fail to talk about the injustices that we see in our communities or not take care of the environment we live in, but this will eventually affect us if we don’t speak up early.

The Bible notes that we are not a coincidence. “From one human being, he created all races of people and made them live throughout the whole earth. He fixed beforehand the exact times and the limits of the places where they would live’’ Acts 17:26 (GNB).

We have been placed in specific places at specific times to bring positive change. Always remember that your voice can make a big difference not only in your country but also globally.

This post was published on Wednesday 30 March 2022